martes, febrero 09, 2010

Avatar: the cup

Jake: I’ll wanna thank for killing those things.

Neytiri: Don’t thank, you don’t thank for this. This is sad, very sad only.

All this is your fault. They didn’t need to die. Your fault. You’re like a baby, making noise, babies don’t know what to do.

Neytiri: Cause you’ve got a strong heart, no fear. But stupid! Ignorant like a child!

Jake: Then if I’m like a child, then... a.... Maybe... you should teach me.

Neytiri: I cannot teach you

You cannot learn, I cannot teach to see what you cannot see.

Mo’At: Why did you come to us?

Jake: I came to learn

Mo’At: We already try to teach other sky people. It is hard to fill a cup wich is already full.

Jake: My cap is empty. Trust me. I’m not a scientist.


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